Privacy Policy


One of the major concerns of ASCENSUS is to assure the privacy and safety of the information that our clients share when they visit our website. Therefore, the user does not need to reveal any private or personal information. 

ASCENSUS assures that the gathered information will be treated in a way that no one, except ASCENSUS, has access to it. Therefore, we will not share that information unless we have the user’s permission. 

The only information that is gathered automatically when you visit the website is the information about the activity of the server, namely the number of users. The data collected will only be used to develop quantitative analysis about ASCENSUS’s website. We gather this information by using cookies. 

Because the information that our clients provide may be updated at any time, ASCENSUS may also update its registers. To assure that the information is safe from hackers, the data is protected by an authentication system.

ASCENSUS’s privacy policy fulfils the rules of the Portuguese law. This website was conceived and is kept having this same law under consideration. Therefore, the Portuguese Law will regulate any irregularity related with this site. 

Any changes to the terms of this Privacy Policy will be published and accessible to all our clients/partners. 

For further information on this Privacy Policy or any other subject related to ASCENSUS website, please contact us.